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Good price and great quality.



I am Vanessa Nantes, the dedicated proprietor of Viva Fashion. As a proud mother of two delightful daughters, Isabella and Valerie, I find both joy and purpose in the dynamic world of fashion. Hailing from the vibrant and lively Brazil, I have called the Netherlands home for the past 14 years. Fashion isn't just my profession; it's a reflection of my unwavering passion and the very essence of my life.

Special for you.

Paris embodies fashion, love, and passion, and it's the essence of 'viva la vida,' which is why I exclusively source all my purchases from this enchanting city, just for you.


Discover the allure of French fashion through a curated collection of dresses, skirts, sweaters, and trousers, perfect for everyday wear or more formal occasions. Whether it's for a casual day on the terrace or a glamorous soirée, our selection caters to all occasions, and the best part? It's all available at incredibly affordable prices.


Immerse yourself in the elegance and quality of our fashion. Come, explore, and experience the Parisian touch firsthand.

In our webshop you can see our entire range and of course order it.

Viva Fashion,
viva la vida,
live the life.

Vanessa Nantes
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